How This Works



We charge our private resident Hosts a 7.5% booking fee and our Renters a 3.5% Service Fee.  Yes, we understand that this differs from other similar sites but we are not like them.  Our model is built on a unified distribution of cost to be able to run the site, pay for processing fees and make improvements/upgrades.  Needless to say, we are a For Profit organization so we do have a percentage of profit built in.


So how are we different and why do we charge these percentages?


We are different as we deal with more long term versus nightly rentals.  Our traveling professionals will generally stay at a residence for 90-120 days.  This creates stability for a landlord and diminishes the "Unbooked" nights.  Additionally, we help eliminate all of those HIGH PRICED cleaning fees that are paid by the renters and the coordination that exists with the hosts.


Other site will charge upwards of 12% to the renter.  We view this as a ridiculous amount of money to have to pay based on a long term lease.  We try and decrease this amount accordingly though we understand there's a certain amount that is required to run a business and to keep functioning.  That is why we blended the amount between Host and Renter.




1)  Renter will find a property and make a booking request

2)  An email is sent to the host for review.  The host can decline, accept or make a different offer

3)  If the Host Accepts, the renter has 24 hours to make payment (BUT NOT 100% OF LEASE)

4)  The Renter will pay the 3.5% Service Fee and the 7.5% Host Booking Fee (Commission on behalf of the Host)

5)  The Host will initiate the Lease with the Renter subtracting the Host Booking Fee

                - For Example.  $1,000/mo for 3 months = $3,000 Total Lease

                - The renter pays the 3.5% Service Fee and the 7.5% Host Booking Fee ($225)

                - The Host will initiate the lease for 3 months at $3,000 minus $225; Total Owed to Host $2,775

                - Renter's monthly payment will be $925/month ($2,775/3 months)


Our goal is to place a Renter with a Host or in some instances a Host with a Renter.  We are the of Renting.... putting people together.